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The Chimney Balloon Store

Alternative sizes of Chimney Balloon

Starting at: £24.00

We can make any size balloon to order.

If you can find a balloon from the five standard sizes that will block your chimney then you should choose one of these. If however you have a larger chimney (particularly found in older houses) then select a custom sized balloon from the drop down box below that will suit your chimney.

Each of these balloons is made to order, so please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

Please note that if you inflate a balloon using air from your lungs then the air you blow into it will be warm. As this air cools it will contract a little. So particularly with these larger balloons you may find it necessary to top up the balloon after a few hours.

All the sizes shown are those of the chimney space and not the sizes of the balloon. The balloon itself will be a little bit bigger.

Please note: we can make any size balloon to order. You can choose from popular custom sizes below or email us now with your chimney size and we'll send you a quote today.

Please be as accurate as you can when measuring and ordering your custom Chimney Balloon. Because these items are made to order, we regret we are unable to accept returns if you order the wrong size or change your mind.

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