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What does a Chimney Balloon Do?

It stops draughts, heat loss, soot, debris and bird poo. It saves you money on your heating bills and even reduces noise. Plus you can help save the planet by stopping up to half a tonne of CO2 a year per chimney going into the atmosphere!

How does it work?

It's like a plastic chimney pillow. You partially inflate it, put it about a foot/30cms up the chimney and inflate it further until it grips the chimney walls. Then turn off the tap and you're good to go.

Is there ventilation to stop condensation and damp?

Yes. There is a curve at one end which forms 2 little triangular tunnels to give just enough ventilation to keep your chimney dry without letting in a draught.

Will it stop birds coming into the room?

Yes. It blocks the chimney so they can't get through.

Will it stop rainwater dripping onto the hearth?

Usually it will. If you have lots of water coming in you may have a crack in the chimney pot where it joins the chimney stack.

How do I know what size I need?

The most effective way is to measure your chimney about a foot/30cms up the flue. You will need the side-to-side and front-to-back measurements. Always choose a Chimney Balloon that is bigger than your chimney in both width and depth so that it will block the flue effectively. Click here for more detailed advice on measuring your chimney. If you can't measure your chimney you can use our helpful Chimney Size Table which covers houses built in the UK from 1800 onwards. A word of caution - this table is only a guide and measuring the chimney is the only way to be sure you are buying the correct size Chimney Balloon.

How far up the chimney does it go?

About 1  - 2 feet/30 - 60cms above the fireplace opening. If you have vary large chimney which you can stand inside, put the Chimney Balloon about 8'/244cms from the floor where it is often a lot narrower. You can use a Handgrip Extension Kit to help you.

How do I blow it up?

The Mouth Inflation Hose is quick and easy. Fit it onto the end of the Chimney Balloon and blow as if you are blowing up a party balloon (but not as rigid.) If you don't want to do it yourself our Bellows Pump is good. You can use a normal bicycle pump for the smaller sizes.

How easy is it to remove?

All you need to do is open the tap at the end of the handgrip to let the air out. Wait for a few seconds and it should fall out. Store it in newspaper or a polythene bag until you need it again.

What is the Chimney Balloon made from?

It's made from a special 'hi-tech' material which is a thin but flexible plastic tri-laminate. The outer layer is tough, the inner layer is an air barrier and the core is a special heat shrink material.The whole thing is transparent to help you fit it easily.

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